Monday, November 8, 2010

Kiskanmak (Envy) - Zeki Demirkubuz (2009 Turkey)

Seniha lives the life of a recluse with her brother Halit and his beautiful wife Mükerrem. When Nüzhet, the handsome son of the richest family in town, sets his eyes on the married Mükerrem, she is at first disgusted with Nüzhet's overt sexual innuendo. However, it isn't long before Mükerrem yields to her lust and thus they embark on an affair. Torn between a fantasy life she could never live and the honour of her brother, Seniha must decide which side to take. Seniha has no idea what the consequences will be and how cruelly her destiny will change.

Extremely dark and claustrophobic tale from Turkish Auteur Zeki Demirkubuz. This one deals with pride, jealousy, desire and honour. A period piece that highlights the inequality between the sexes, rich and poor, those blessed with good looks and those less fortunate. It does all this without a heavy hand. Shot on HD and finished on 35mm the cinematography is of the same high calibre we've come to expect from Turkish cinema.

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