Sunday, November 7, 2010

Delta - Kornél Mundruczó (2008 Hungary)

A quiet young man returns to the wild, isolated landscape of the Delta. It is a labyrinth of waterways, small islands and over-grown vegetation, where the villagers are cut off from the outside world. The young man, who has been away since early childhood, is introduced to a sister he never knew he had. She is frail and timid, but resolute when she decides to join him in his run-down hut on the shore. Together they build a house on stilts in the middle of the river, far away from everyone else. One day, they invite the villagers over to share a meal together, but it becomes apparent that the coarse locals do not accept their ''unnatural'' relationship.

Stunning. Heartbreaking. Powerful. This film was really difficult to watch in parts, the ugliness of man and men, and in particular, isolated men. Beautiful photography, minimal dialogue, skint motivation and backstory. The Delta itself becomes the living metaphor for this dark and engaging story. Interesting sidenote is that one of the main cast died during while halfway through this and had to be recast.


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